Dirty Sons of Pitches

It's an assembly for the ages, where the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have reached out to frequent guests George, Drew, and Chris Holben for the purposes of one great brainstorm session to come up with a sequel for Ridley Scott's "Prometheus." Afterwards, they play a big game of the Gut-Check Challenge. Along the way they tlak about Katherine Hepburn's incontinence, Jar Jar Binks as the Falstaff of the "Star Wars" universe, Jeffrey Jones' legal troubles, Adele's suicide note put to song winning an Oscar, making a computer to scale from a cocktail napkin (thanks "Superman III"), moving one's affections from Kathy Ireland to Wallace Shawn, judging movies via their posters, the logistics of having sex if you're a creature made of eyes, why the scientists in "Prometheus" are the stupidest people ever, the seventh best David Lynch movie, and the overall collective ignorance of female anatomy.

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Episode 46 includes:

-George turns back time via flying backwards and has a lot of things to say about "Superman" and Richard Donner's "Superman II."

-We got nostalgia for everything: "Mom and Dad Save the World," "Power Rangers"

-The Adele/Robert Goulet-as-Adele impressions will not stop, thank you very much.

-"Oblivion": derivitive but it's got Tom Cruise and explosions, so good.

-This Week's Pitch -- 'Prometheus' Sequel!

-The collective brainstorm a natural sequel for Ridley Scott's "Alien" prequel, since the man himself needs the help.

-This Week's Game -- Gut-Check Challenge!

-Six men out-bid one another to see who can name the most movies starring selected actors. You may be surprised by the eventual winner. 

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