Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pictures" are continuing to journey through the 1970s decade, and this episode tackles 1973, with the guys discussing the psychedelic French animated sci-fi allegory "Fantastic Planet" and the Oscar-winning con artist caper "Paper Moon" directed by Peter Bogdonavich. 

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Episode 386 includes:

-SAG joins the WGA and goes on strike! Also, Jonah Hill possibly a bad person too.

-"Sound of Freedom" is a well-meaning but draggy action movie right up the QAnon alley. 

-Ben has seen "Asteroid City" and has some very irate thoughts about Wes Anderson. 

-By the Decade -- 1973 -- "Fantastic Planet" / "Paper Moon" 

-The guys discuss the strange French animated movie with striking but off-putting imagery, and then they discuss Peter Bogdonavich's throwback to classic Hollywood capers with father-and-suaghter team Ryan O'Neal and Tatum O'Neal. Whatever positives are there tainted by Ryan O'Neal being a garbage person. 

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