Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are coming to a close on their By the Decade look back to the first decade of the twenty-first century. This time the guys hit the final year of the decade, 2009, and talk about the family movie with guinea pig spies, "G-Force," and the ten-year-later sequel to a cult DVD movie from the late 90s, "The Boondock Saints." 

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Episode 381 includes:

-An extensive debate about the development of the new TV model in the binge era as well as where we go now that the streaming wars appear to be in their contraction stage. Read the Vulture article here, folk. 

-Nate reviews "Super Mario Bros.," "The Little Mermaid," and the Max original, "Reality."

-Ben's opinion of "Across the Spider-Verse" may not be what you expect. 

-By the Decade -- 2009 -- "G-Force" / "Boondock Saints 2"

-The guys discuss the family film about a super agent team of guinea pigs voiced by the likes of Penelope Cruz and Sam Rockwell, but most of the discussion is reserved for the sequel to 1999's cult movie, "The Boondock Saints." It's self-parody but seeming to lack the awareness, and Ben hates every second of it. 

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