Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are examining the 2000s decade year-by-year, and they've worked their way to 2002, and now they're discussing Robin Williams' dark comedy directed by Danny DeVito, the kids TV satire, "Death to Smoochy," and the inexplicable college sex comedy involving two rephrensible men cloning a lady and then training her to be their "perfect woman/sexual partner," the little known, and for a reason, "Repli-Kate" starring James Roday, Ali Landy, the "Doritos girl," and the requirement for every sex comedy in the 2000s, Eugene Levy. Oh, it's bad on many levels, especially as a condemnation of men. 

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Episode 374 includes:

-Oscar recap! Hooray for "Everything Everywhere" and hat it means going forward. 

-"The Little Mermaid" trailer debuts... during the literal Oscar telecast.

-Ben is bored by "65" and deliberates all the ways it could have been better.

-By the Decade -- 2002 -- "Death to Smoochy" / "Repli-Kate"

-Ben still feels "Death to Smoochy" hits a special place for him, while Nate finds it to be too clunky and obvious and redundant, but both guys dig into the many many ways that the National Lampoon "Repli-Kate" comedy defies consent and feminism and good thinking. 

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