Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are wrapping up the previous year before looking onward and starting their next podcast themed around selecting two movies per year of a decade. Until then, hear the gents' thoughts on the new Oscar nominations, Justin Roiland's career, the history of stuntpeople dying in movies, and whather or not horror breakout "Skinamarink" is brilliant or an empty exercise in trying to make absent connections. Enjoy!

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Episode 371 includes:

-Some news catch-ups: Alec Baldwin charged with manslaughter, and Justin Roiland charged with spousal abuse and also being a creep.

-Oscar nomination round-up: the guys talk the top categories, who was snubbed, and Ben's continuous disdain for the Oscars every year.

-Nate runs through a list of foreign films like "Decision to Leave," "Corsage," and Best Picture nominee "All Quite on the Western Front."

-Is "M3GAN" as fun and satirical as it's been billed, or is it missing some key parts?

-The new horror indie "Skinamarink" might be the worst film of 2023 and Ben is happy to share his soul-scraping pain he felt while watching.

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