Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are closing down their Double or Nothing series with a climactic trip to the fourth planet from the sun, Mars. 2000 was the year of a new century and also a yearof two Mars-based space thrillers, each a dud and each altering the careers of their directors. The guys discuss Brian DePalma's "Mission to Mars," breaking their promise from their Nail in the Coffine episode on the director, and then the lesser known Val Kilmer-stranded-on-Mars-with-a-killer-robot movie, "Red Planet." Note: neither is to be confused with John Carpenter's also underwhelming early 2000s feature, "Ghosts of Mars."

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Episode 368 includes:

-Jeremy Renner also taken out by a snow plow.

-The stars of 1968's "Romeo and Juliet" sue 50 years later for their underage nudity.

-Ben catches up with "Paws of Fury," "Amsterdam," and "Men."

-Nae appreciates the indie darling "Aftersun" but was waiting for the actual "movie" to kick in.

-Doulble or Nothing -- "Mission to Mars" / Red Planet"

-Two underwheming sci-fi adventures from 2000 with big casts and some interesting ideas but bad execution.

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