Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back and looking at political and media satire done with two very different styles, comparing 2018's indie "the Oath" with the studio bombast of 1987's "The Running Man," with Richard Dawson as a villainous game show host too.

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Episode 336 includes:

-Geoffrey Rush to play Groucho Marx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play cult leader Jim Jones.

-"Scream 5" is a worthy ad fun sequel for the franchise.

-Ben declares the animated movie "Trash" to be... well...

-"The 355" is an all-girl spy thriller that replaces male spy cliches with women. Progress?

-Switch the Pitch -- "The Oath" / "The Running Man"

-The guys discuss the promise and failing of 2018's Trumpian political satire "The Oath" and then the mega-schlock Arnold action vehicle that typifies 80s action, 1987's "The Running Man," and then combine both into a brand-new pitch.

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