Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have stumbled upon another movie so mad and crazy that it almost deserves to be seen, unless you care about your mental well-being. Thank goodness there's these guys, as they discuss 2002's "comedy" by writer/director/star Jeff Daniels, "Super Sucker," as well as the slightly memorable 1986 killer robot in a mall slasher movie, "Chopping Mall." The guys then combine both properties to pitch a brand-new project about dueling killer robot salesman.

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Episode 327 includes:

-New Spider-Man trailer with more multi-verse action. But is added Spider-Men of Spider past an emotional incentive?

-Nate runs through.... a lot of movies to cover, from "Spencer" to "No Time to Die" to "Venom" to "Eternals" to "tick, tick, BOOM" to "King Richard" and more.

-"Ghostbusters: Afterlife" is a perfectly heart-felt sequel and the haters have it wrong.

-Switch the Pitch -- "Chopping Mall" / "Super Sucker"

-The guys discuss the 1986 sci-fi slasher film about a killer mall secruity droid killing dumb teenagers and 2002's truly bizarre passion project by Jeff Daniels who served as writer, director, producer, and star as a vacuum salesman who discovers they also work as a masturbatory aid.

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