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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are continuing their newest and personally reflective series where each member, Ben and Nate, share a film that helped define them as a movie lover. This week's theme is Movies That Made Us Realize Movies Could Suck, and their two selections are 1994's live-action "Street Fighter" movie and 1998's "Lost in Space," both notorious bombs that maybe deserve reconsideration in the ensuring 20-25 years.

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Episode 281 includes:

-"Dexter" is coming back to TV... for reasons.

-Ben and Nate bemoan a Dinesh D'Souza documentary and what appears to be a canceled Disney+ tween series, so they should have known better.

-A pair of Brian Duffield movies, "Love and Monsters" and "Spontaneous," are two of the better movies to watch and both examples of great comic voice.

-Movies that Made Us -- Realize Movies Could Suck

-Nate and Ben talk the 1994 big-screen video game adaptation from "Street Fighter" and kinda enjoy it.

-Is it also possible that 1998's notorious sci-fi bomb "Lost in space" isn't the generation-defining stinker it's been made out to be?

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