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Drew is back and he'sready to join in on the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" discussion over the exploding subgenre of found footage movie. The guys talk about what makes a good found footage movie, the opportunities and limitations of the genre, and then pitch their own found footage films and turn other movies into found footage films for this week's game. Along the way the chaps chat about Johnny Depp fatigue, Paul Ryan/Joe Biden slash fiction, the ease of slipping into racism when doing Madea impressions, why Kirk Douglas was trying to take out Melissa Leo at the Oscars, Ben's idea for the grossest movie of all time, what masturbating demons would do during their down-time, writing a found footage movie in a weekend, found footage vs. POV films, having "Thinner" become a Jenny Craig success story/found footage movie, and yettis vs. egg-making clowns.

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-Episode 25 includes:

-The Madea Challenge has been replaced by the "Streaming Steaming Netflix Challenge" with the first punishment for the loser... to watch "Tooth Fairy 2" starring Larry the Cable Guy.

-The guys sing the praises of "Argo" and question the necessisty of "Frankenweenie"

-"V/H/S": a found footage anthology film. Instead of 80 minutes of waiting for payoff, now it's only 15! Progress!

-Why the explosion of found footage movies recently?

-This Week's Pitch -- Found Footage Movie!

-Nate pitches a husband/wife bitter divorce thriller, and a gang standoff film.

-Eric pitches an anti-drug flick and a diary of a man dealing with terminal illness.

-Drew pitches a found footage rom-com and high-fantasy flick.

-Ben pitches an Owellian police state found footage revolution.

-This Week's Game -- Genre Swap !

-The gang adapt other movies into the found footage concept, including "Jurassic Park" and "Independence Day"

And make sure to check out Drew's blog and storytelling expertise for hire.

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  • I came for Drew, and I stayed for Drew, then I came for Drew. Madea is the fat, black, sassy version of Ernest. Random suggestion, watch The Last Circus, I think it's on Netflix. John Goodman = favorite actor. I loved V/H/S I think it's the best found footage movie I've seen. Though none of it makes any sense. I felt the one you liked was the worst, and I just thought he wasn't able to be filmed or revealed. Actually, I take that back, Harmony Korine's Trash Humpers is the best, hands down. And Chronicle. REC / 2 and Diary of the Dead are decent ones also. I haven't seen REC 3, yet. FPS of movies? Have you seen Doom...there was one cool scene. I don't remember anything else from that movie other than that. "Untitled" = Enter the Void, only shitty. My pitches: "The Cure": A sociopath / psychopath vlogs and records himself all the time. He thinks he is perfect and Gods gift to the world. He treats people like shit, steals ideas, and does anything he can to get to the top. It would star James Cameron as Steve Jobs. "Hard Bottom" Nic Cage is a sad, broken, drunken man. He vlogs and records what he does in intentions of making a documentary about his final years and or to make a return to fame. He ends up homeless and ends up falling for a thieving prostitute, played by Winona "IdLikeTo" Ryder. They continue to film each other, and work together. There is a graphic sex scene. They pitch their story to studios, and finally Peter Jackson picks it up, and then signs them to make a movie. IRL a movie is made staring the two then. Best movie that would be great as a found footage movie, American Psycho or Requiem for a Dream from the point of view of the guy who says "Ass to ass" Oh, another great found footage movie is The Tunnel that was released for free on torrent sites. Maybe the best? Maybe... I should get on this show. I'd want to discuss sequels or lack there of.

    posted by: DimmuJed on 2012-10-17 00:19:05

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