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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are taking a look at the misunderstood plight of the poor villain. The guys examine some of their favorite movie villains, discuss what makes a good villain, and then share villain-centric pitches. And now that it's September, the guys take one final look at the movies of summer 2012 and cite their favorites, dissapointments, and thoughts as a whole. Along the way they talk about things like how awful Boba Fett is as a bounty hunter, Ben's criminal empire on movie piracy, how one rebels against your whale parents, the prospect of God as a criminal accomplice (He's got some priors), the end of "Cemetery Man," Ben's sudden falsetto voice, a very fleshy asterisk, the powerful sway of porn to decide technological battles (VHS vs. Beta, etc.), a kelp-only diet, Ben's hatred of Julianne Moore, and Tom Hardy cannot be killed.

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-Episode 21 includes:

-Ready for one whale of a tale? Wait til you hear about the girl-raised-by-whales movie, "Beached."

-Ben finally found a gritty moive that gets the Batman story right: "The Dark Knight: An XXX Parody."

-What makes a really great villain?

-This Week's Pitch -- Villain Story!

-Eric pitches a Harley Quinn/Joke movie in the style of "Frost/Nixon"

-Nate pitches a story about the real threat at the RNC convention this week, the mischievious, invisible Obama!

-Ben pitches a "Con Air" spinoff and a villainous alernative to TV's "Eureka"

-Bonus Conversation -- Summer 2012 at the Movies!

-The guys talk about the highs and lows this year with summer movies... mostly lows.

-Indie movies and the superhero films saved this summer.

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