Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" were in a rush to record this week, mostly to explain and talk about a controversial decision by present MOFA leaders that left them confused and frustrated from the vantage point of writers. After last week's inspiration with "Mr. Holmes," the guys pitch final stories involving famous characters from movies and literature.

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Episode 123 includes:

-Nate and Ben explain a head-scratching omission from the latest MOFA contest and try and make sense of it all.

-Ben doesn't get the fuss over the David Foster Wallace movie "End of the Tour."

-"Paranormal Activity" is a franchise that doesn't even seem to bother anymore. A found footage movie with flashbacks???

-The last act almost saves "The Last Witch Hunter" according to Ben.

-This Week's Pitch -- Swan Songs for Famous characters!

-Nate pitches Poirot trying to use his years of crime-solving to cover up a murder he accidentally committed (Miss Marple?).

-Ben pitches a post-apocalyptic mutant clone Batman story that needs to be made immediately. Listen to this closely, DC.

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