Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are looking backwards and forwards by remaking sci-fi action film franchises from the 1970s and 80s, much like the new big-budget rendition in the realm of "Mad Max," a franchise last seen 30 years ago. In the game this week, a quick rendition of Movies Against Humanity. The guys take some strange detours, as usual, with topics like Spider-Man's natural ability to make webbing, whether Lucifer would work for the police or be a defense attourney, American Gladiator rip-offs, and Ben defend the insanity that is "Zardoz."

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Episode 111 includes:

-Is everything all natural when it comes to Spider-Man's webshooting?

-Get ready for fall's next best TV show: "Lucifer" where the Devil leaves hell to assist the LAPD in solving crimes. This is a thing.

-When was the last time a Joe Dante film was watchable? "Burying the Ex" may not be that film.

-Ryan Gosling's directorial debut is an endurance test of terrible.

-Nate adores "Mad Max: Fury Road" and Ben says it's too much icing, not enough cake.

-This Week's Pitch -- Reboot 70s/80s Action/Sci-Fi Film into Franchise!

-Nate pitches a revamp of "Logan's Run" with an emphasis on today's generational divide with the Boomers.

-Ben pitches a revamp of "Hell Comes to Frog Town" and his dream casting for a remake of his dream movie, "Dead Heat."

-This Week's Game -- Movies Against Humanity!

-Patterned after Cards Against Humanity, the guys take three categories and argue their cases for various films to be the best representations of the category topics. You'll never see "Big" the same way again.

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