Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are recapping the Oscars and pitching movies akin to the recently crowned Best Picture winner, "Birdman." They're talking about movies that can be done all in one take. The guys also play another rendition of their game Five by Five and prove tht they either know too much or nothing at all. Learn what a "vag deferens" is at long last, as well as Lawrence Kasdan's last movie, the highs and lows of Stephen King adaptations,

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Episode 106 includes:

-Oscar recap: Will Eddie Redmayne be doing unclean things for nickles at bus stations in 10 years time?

-Marvel takes back Spider-Man, but will it not spider-suck?

-"Harmontown" makes Ben "kinda hate Dan Harmon." Nate sees "Sex Tape" and it makes him kinda hate sex tapes.

-"Chappie" is like "Robocop" and "Short Circuit" had a baby and it grew up on trashy gangster rap.

-This Week's Pitch -- One-Take Movies!

-Nate pitches the last hours of a death row inmate, a view in a jury room, and an interrogation scenario all done in one take.

-Ben pitches a sniper film from a sniper's POV, split-screen movie, and a time traveler on an exploding airplane.

-This Week's Game -- Five by Five!

-Ben and Nate come up with specific film categories and have two options to win points: pick 5 movies no on the list for that category or pick all 5 that are on the list.

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  • I think a good use of the one-shot take idea would be a movie that depicts a police bust gone wrong. I imagine the police is tracking this supplier for a big drug trafficker, and they want to make him disappear, as the supplier failing to appear would mean the other supplier- the police's inside man- being asked to meet the drug trafficker, at which point they could arrest him. However, the supplier is found dead on his car, and the inside man has to find out who did it and why whilst being chased by the supplier's men-- all before the drug trafficker arrives into town, lest he risk ruining an eighteen month operation. It would also be real time, which could be cool.

    posted by: Michel Lichand on 2015-03-16 18:24:58

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