Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are inspired by "Self/less" and coming up with body swap pitches this week, after going through news items involving some bad behavior. They also talk about the need for the return of Nick at Night, the pointlessness of blackface in costumes and cosplay, the mysteries behind bathroom reief, the omnipresence of "Friends," whether the Minions are looking to be slaves, whether there are more hetero or homosexual porn parodies, Shaq as a great comedic actor, personal measurements, and themeaning behind "in like Flynn."

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Episode 115 includes:

-Ben laments the over-use of samplying in modern music... and shares the price of bread when he was a kid and what's wrong with them kids today.

-Ben loathes every unintelligible second of "Minions."

-Nate thinks "Trainwreck" is a fine coming-out for comedienne, Amy Schumer, but it's Lebron James who is the film's comedy MVP.

-Ben says "The Cobbler" is a "poorly executed version of a movie I would like, or the best executed version of a movie that should not work."

-This Week's Pitch -- Body Swap!

-Nate pitches a conservative blowhard swapping bodies with a poor, disadvantaged black male and discovering maybe life isn't fair or equal.

-Ben pitches a body swap heist, marriage counseling swapping, kids switching bodies with their parents and taking over, and a hired killer who swaps to set up patsies.

-This Week's Game -- None!

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