Dirty Sons of Pitches

One of the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" had a brush with danger since last recording, coming face to face with the power of flame in a house fire. That inspires the pitches this week. No game this episode but plenty of talk about other topics such as the "female experience" while defecation, the fact that Scalia is not the rhetorical master people make him out to be, what some possible negatives might be for removing the Confederate flag, taking Donald Trump at his words, Ben's lack of shame, whether Jai Courtney has the ability to not not be charismatic, the morally disturbing ending for "The Hot Chick," the positives of "Return of the Living Dead," whether trying to kill your own mom is a paradox in an alternate timeline, the creepy nature of asking for cleavage for auditions (Rose McGowan's story), the words "a poor man's David Krumholtz," and the sound of Fourth of July fireworks.

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Episode 114 includes:

-Ben explains how he saved his mother from a house fire. No joke. He explains his bathroom-centic consequences.

-Lots of news: replace that Confederate flag with a rainbow flag, folks. wow a lot of stuff happened since last we recorded.

-Nate says "Paul Blart 2" is like a modern-day Pagliacci.

-"Inside Out" is a modern classic that shows feelings can have feelings too.

-Ben and Nate debate whether "Terminator Genisys" makes no sense or no f-ing sense.

-This Week's Pitch -- Fire!

-Nate pitches a crime procedural from an arson inspection unit and an epic based upon the Billy Joel song.

-Ben pitches an invisible dragon, a ghost story where the spirit is fire itself, and a woman whose mood affects the environment (aroused = fires!).

-This Week's Game -- None!

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